About Us

Full Health Medical Limited is a health and wellness online retailer. We are a group of registered pharmacists in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. There are also pet parents among us. Our team believe that Health is at the center of our life and every part of our life relies on us having good health.

Your Health

Our pharmacist team will provide clear and accurate health information and help you to achieve balance and completeness in your life. You will become your own life architect. We understand that health is the fundamental component for you to support your family and consciously parent your children.

Pet Health

All animals have different lifespans. Still, it is up to us to monitor and support our pets’ health and to be proactive when problems do arise. We may be able to intervene and hopefully maximize our pet’s life expectancy while supporting their well-being as we believe that all pets are entitled to a happy and healthy life. Our high-quality products that support animal health include pet joint health support, supplements for gastrointestinal health, dental care for dogs and cats, skin & fur care products, eye and ear care products, and more.

We provide you & your pet the best products and a healthy life.